Start of a big project!

I did these snowflakes on my friend a little while ago and they have healed up so well! :)
We added this honeycomb flower of life with lines in diffrent sizes to fill the rest of her arm.
Thank you Dani for being such a hero and hope you heal well! 💚💚💚
Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.



Honeycomb dotwork color

This brave hero got his first tattoo on his ribs, a black and blue honeycomb pattern all dots!
Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.


Guestspot at Chronic Tattoo in Pacific Beach

I got to see an old friend again at Chronic tattoo in San Diego!
We did a new nautilus shell piece on his foot as a start of a legsleeve and I also got to see his healed flower of life golden spiral on his calf, thank you Kent! I hope you heal well and hope to see you soon. :D
Dotwork tattoos by Mary Jane.


San Diego Guestspot this week!

I will be guesting in San Diego again this week and I’m looking forward to coming back! Dates so far 11/18-11/23 limited space available email for appointments:


Back in Los Angeles!

It’s been a lot of traveling and life on the road so I’m not keeping up with the blog at the moment.
For more direct updates visit me on Instagram, facebook or send me an email:
Dotted this sleeve project another session at Golden Daggers in Los Angeles.
Thank you Abraham for traveling all the way from Texas!
Heal well and hope to see you soon. dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.


Guestspot in Chico!!

This weekend and a couple of days next week I’m available in Chico, CA at Eye of Jade tattoo for your next Dotwork tattoo!
Here’s a sneak peak preview of some bigger projects I’m working on in Los Angeles at the moment, I’ll be back in la in November again!
For a dotwork tattoo in Chico this weekend send me an email:
Or just come by the studio Eye of Jade Tattoo at Main and 3rd.



Flower of life shoulders

Yesterday I finished this project at Golden Daggers Tattoo in Los Angeles!
Thank you Nick for choosing me as your tattoo artist and I look forward to seeing both shoulders healed. :)
Flower of life dotwork shoulders tattoo by Mary Jane.



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