Mandala elephant hamsa hand

Dotted this pattern elephant with a colour hamsa hand on its fore head on a beautiful Norwegian world traveler!
Dotwork tattoos at Golden Daggers Tattoo in Los Angeles, email me for appointments: 💚🙏


Arm bands with geometry

Dotted this half sleeve in one week a’ three sessions on this Swiss world traveler. Bands connect around the arm, partly fresh partly healing. Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.


Flower of life dagger at Golden Daggers Los Angeles

Dotted this flower of life dagger at Golden Daggers Tattoo in Los Angeles this week! Had a great time guesting, for appointments in Los Angeles please send me an email:
Dotwork Tattoo by Mary Jane



San Diego Weekend!

I’m going to be a guest artist at Left Hand Black Tattoo today in San Diego!
They have an amazing artshow at the moment definitely worth checking out. :)
Please come by or send me an email for appointments:


California honeycomb bear

Dotted this California bear in honeycombs my first day at Dream Masters Tattoo in San Francisco! The weather was beautiful and I was happy to be back in the bay!
Thank you everyone for this amazing weekend.
Email for appointments:
Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.



Guest artist in San Francisco this weekend!

Im happy to be guesting my friends at Dream Masters Tattoo in San Francisco this weekend! I’m almost fully booked but could perhaps fit one session on Saturday afternoon, email for appointment: 💚🙏
Tattoos by Svetlyo.


Start of geometrical sleeve two sessions

I started this project at Golden Daggers Tattoo in Los Angeles, it’s going to be a full sleeve and I think we got off to a good start! :)
An amazing client who has been waiting to see me and traveled all the way from Texas! Thank you, heal well and hope to continue soon. :)
Dotwork tattoo in progress, to be continued. Email for appointments:




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