Sacred geometry dotwork tattoo designs

Dotting new mandalas as often as i can! Here is two new star based mandalas i would love to tattoo. :)
Email for appointments:

20140408-123927 em.jpg

Sacred geometry lotus mandala doing a guestspot at Left Hand Black

Recently did another guestspot at Left Hand Black Tattoo, dotted this sacred geometry lotus flower design i customised for this client! She sat like a champ for four hours and im so impressed. Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.

20140331-054657 em.jpg

Dotwork sleeve project continues

So, nine days and five sessions since we began this project we have gotten this far.

The customer is leaving Sweden for a while so this is how far we got for this time, its a work in progress.

A customised design that I had the best time tattooing!

Dotwork tattoo and design by Mary Jane.


Back in San Diego, guesting at Left Hand Black Tattoo

Got back to sunny San Diego and guested Left Hand Black Tattoo again to continue on this flower of life backpiece project! Im so happy to be here again, look forward to continue and finnish this tattoo. :)
Work in progress, to be continued.
Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.

20140328-010123 fm.jpg

Aum in flower of life

Got started on this flower of life project on my last day for this stay at Historic Tattoo in Portland! Its a work in progress, will be back in a month or so to continue! Thank you Craig and everone at Historic tattoo society in Portland, hope to see you soon again. 🙏

20140314-023837 em.jpg

20140314-023850 em.jpg

Merkaba in flower of life

Dotted this merkaba in flower of life on my friend yesterday at Historic Tattoo!
Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.

20140309-081136 em.jpg

Guestsrtist at Historic Tattoo, portland oregon

Im going to be guesting at Historic Tattoo in Portland oregon this weekend!
Please drop by the studio for a consultation or for a drop by if i got the time. :)
See you at Historic Tattoo!

20140307-104344 fm.jpg

20140307-104415 fm.jpg


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