Journey with me!

Here is a rough idea of my next coming months and my whereabouts!
If you are looking to schedule an appointment for a tattoo send me an email at:
Let the sun shine on you and live with love and light!


Guest spot in San Francisco

I’m going to be available for your customised dotwork tattoo in San Francisco august 16th& 17th.
Limited spots available so if you are in the bay looking to get work from me send me an email:


Colorful mandala for meditation

Colors can be a helpful tool when meditating and this design I wanted to focus on love and blue and purple brainwaves! Raise your vibration, you are love and light. Enjoy and please contact me to buy artwork or for tattoo appointments:


Eye in Metatrons cube project

Started this project yesterday at Left Hand Black Tattoo in San Diego!
A fun design I look forward to continue building on, Metatrons cube with an eye and more to come. Dotwork tattoo in progress by Mary Jane.


Love your Li{f}e eyes in flower of life chest piece

Been dotting this design, two sessions and we are pretty much done.
Thank you all so much! I Had such a good time tattooing this design at Left Hand Black Tattoo! :)
Text tattoo was ready there and done by another artist, dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.


New laborodite head piece wrap

I just got this wrap from my dear friend! It’s a beautiful head piece and I’m so happy for both the wrap and my new earrings! :)
Tomorrow I’ll be guesting in Los Angeles again at Golden Daggers Tattoo, email for appointments:


Flower of life “creation&destruction” backpiece project

Added some more to the mandala on the lower part of the piece guesting at Left Hand Black in San Diego!
Almost there, this is a work in progress, will take a summer break and hopefully meet up in Portland later this year!
Take care of your new tattoo. :)
Dotwork color Tattoo by Mary Jane.



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