Guest spot in San Francisco

I’m going to be available for your customised dotwork tattoo in San Francisco august 16th& 17th.
Limited spots available so if you are in the bay looking to get work from me send me an email:


Colorful mandala for meditation

Colors can be a helpful tool when meditating and this design I wanted to focus on love and blue and purple brainwaves! Raise your vibration, you are love and light. Enjoy and please contact me to buy artwork or for tattoo appointments:


Eye in Metatrons cube project

Started this project yesterday at Left Hand Black Tattoo in San Diego!
A fun design I look forward to continue building on, Metatrons cube with an eye and more to come. Dotwork tattoo in progress by Mary Jane.


Love your Li{f}e eyes in flower of life chest piece

Been dotting this design, two sessions and we are pretty much done.
Thank you all so much! I Had such a good time tattooing this design at Left Hand Black Tattoo! :)
Text tattoo was ready there and done by another artist, dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.


New laborodite head piece wrap

I just got this wrap from my dear friend! It’s a beautiful head piece and I’m so happy for both the wrap and my new earrings! :)
Tomorrow I’ll be guesting in Los Angeles again at Golden Daggers Tattoo, email for appointments:


Flower of life “creation&destruction” backpiece project

Added some more to the mandala on the lower part of the piece guesting at Left Hand Black in San Diego!
Almost there, this is a work in progress, will take a summer break and hopefully meet up in Portland later this year!
Take care of your new tattoo. :)
Dotwork color Tattoo by Mary Jane.


Picture in Z Tattoo Magazine!

I was happy to hear that one of my tattoos has been in a tattoo magazine in Sweden called Z Tattoo!
It looks like the ink has stayed in well for being a hand tattoo, I’m very happy to see this. :)
Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane, healed picture from magazine.
Email for appointments:




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