Los Angeles!

Im currently visiting Los Angeles guesting at Golden Daggers Tattoo!

I’ve been tattooing a lot and here’s a couple of new designs I’ve made so far. :)


Two fun color projects with a Russian matryoshka doll and a version of the horned god Baphomet.

I have a few spots available in la so come by Golden Daggers or send me an email for appointment:


Dotwork tattoos by Mary Jane. 

Tacoma til 3/31 💚 Los Angeles from 4/4

Here is a few tattoos I’ve done so far as a guest artist at Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma Washington!

Thankful for all my new clients and I’m proud to be a part of the Tsunami Family!

Dotwork tattoos by Mary Jane. 


Tacoma, Washington guest artist at Tsunami Tattoo from 3/9

so happy and thankful for all the tattoos I got to do in Portland guesting at Historic Tattoo!

Next week starting Monday 3/9 I will be guesting at Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma Washington. :)

Email for appointments:


Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland, staying in Portland til 3/6

i dotted this Cheshire Cat at Historic Tattoo in Portland!

My friend Chad got a memorial tattoo as a birthday gift to himself, best way to do it, had such a good time tattooing this design, thank you Chad for sitting like a champ!

I will be staying as a guest at Historic Tattoo in Portland til 3/6 limited spots  available, email for appointment or come by the studio. :)


Tattoos from South Tahoe and Last Call for Portland!

heres some of my work I did at Lake Monster Tattoo in South Tahoe!

It was a blast tattooing there and I hope to be able to come back and do some snowboarding soon, let there be snow!

I’m currently in Portland visiting Historic Tattoo and i will be here til March 1 and I’m almost fully booked so hurry up if you are looking for work by me this time. And just come by the shop.

Dotwork tattoos by Mary Jane

Guestartist at Historic Tattoo, Portland Oregon from 2/23

I’m super happy to be back in Portland at Historic Tattoo!
I will be guesting from 2/23 come by and check out the beautiful studio or to schedule appointment please email me! Maryjanedotwork@gmail.com


On the road, Visiting Eye of Jade Tattoo in Chico!

I have been a guest artist at Eye of Jade in Chico and it was a pleasure to be back again and I got to tattoo many new and old friends!
Here’s a sample of some tattoos from this stay in Chico, now I’m going to Tahoe!
I’ll be at Lake Monster Tattoo 2/18-2/20 amd then ill be heading to Portland, Oregon!
See you on the road, love and light.









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