Half sleeve mandala and flower of life

had a great stay in Chico guesting at Eye of Jade Tattoo!

This project was a surprise but I’m very happy with the result, Thank you Arionna for being a champ and taking a lot of tattooing in three weeks!! :)

Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.

I will be guesting Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma 5/20-6/4 email for appointments: maryjanedotwork@gmail.com 


Chico guesting Eye of Jade Tattoo

im so happy to be back in Chico visiting Eye of Jade Tattoo again! :D

I’ll be staying 4/29-5/17 limited space available, Come by the studio or send me an email for appointment:



Travel update!

Visited San Diego for a week and had so much fun working with these big projects!

Thank you everyone!

I’ll be available in Chico at Eye of Jade from 4/29 come by the studio to make appointments or send me an email!


Here’s a few tattoos I did in San Diefo guesting Chronic Tattoo!


Los Angeles!

Im currently visiting Los Angeles guesting at Golden Daggers Tattoo!

I’ve been tattooing a lot and here’s a couple of new designs I’ve made so far. :)


Two fun color projects with a Russian matryoshka doll and a version of the horned god Baphomet.

I have a few spots available in la so come by Golden Daggers or send me an email for appointment:


Dotwork tattoos by Mary Jane. 

Tacoma til 3/31 💚 Los Angeles from 4/4

Here is a few tattoos I’ve done so far as a guest artist at Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma Washington!

Thankful for all my new clients and I’m proud to be a part of the Tsunami Family!

Dotwork tattoos by Mary Jane. 


Tacoma, Washington guest artist at Tsunami Tattoo from 3/9

so happy and thankful for all the tattoos I got to do in Portland guesting at Historic Tattoo!

Next week starting Monday 3/9 I will be guesting at Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma Washington. :)

Email for appointments:


Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland, staying in Portland til 3/6

i dotted this Cheshire Cat at Historic Tattoo in Portland!

My friend Chad got a memorial tattoo as a birthday gift to himself, best way to do it, had such a good time tattooing this design, thank you Chad for sitting like a champ!

I will be staying as a guest at Historic Tattoo in Portland til 3/6 limited spots  available, email for appointment or come by the studio. :)



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