World tour continues greetings from San Diego!

This piece was dotted in march when I visited my dear friends at Left Hand Black Tattoo in sunny San Diego!

Hope to see you soon again💚🔥

Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane. 

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Vancouver bc Canada at Rainfire Tattoo 4/11-4/14

I will be guesting the amazing Katia Somerville and her team at Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver bc Canada 4/11-4/14 

Private studio by appointment only 

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Best New Year!

Been making so many dots this year I got to tattoo til midnight very happy about the progress on this sleeve project!

Thank you everyone for an amazing journey the tour never ends ♡

Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane. 

Merkaba in flower of life with the eye of horus 

Super happy with this tattoo I made at Chronic Tattoo in San Diego! 

Come by the studio or email for appointments in January San Diego & Los Angeles: 

So happy and thankful for my tour 2015!

I’m so thankful for all my clients who chose me as their tattoo artist 2015!
I’ve made so many incredible tattoos and met even more amazing people on my journey, you all have a place in my heart carry your ink with pride!
Looking forward to this new year hope to see you all soon!!
Dotwork tattoos by Mary Jane.


Mandala leg sleeve

it’s been so much fun to work on this project while guesting at Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma!

Four sessions and all the chakra colours are there, mostly healed partly fresh.

Customized Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane. 


Half sleeve mandala and flower of life

had a great stay in Chico guesting at Eye of Jade Tattoo!

This project was a surprise but I’m very happy with the result, Thank you Arionna for being a champ and taking a lot of tattooing in three weeks!! 🙂

Dotwork tattoo by Mary Jane.

I will be guesting Tsunami Tattoo in Tacoma 5/20-6/4 email for appointments: